2 x Auto Traders...

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  • Access to both xBrat Algo and Range Breakout Auto Traders
  • ​Access to private WhatsApp Community:
    Collaborate ideas and backtesting results with other members 
  • ​Direct assistance from Paul Bratby:
                Direct contact in the WhatsApp community, what strategies he is trading, real time
                updates on current trades, when he flattens etc   
  • Weekly updates to performance stats
  • ​Concierge purchase option:
                1 Year of direct support from the customer team to get you fully set up!

*This is only available on the NinjaTrader platform



Reports made EVERY SUNDAY on a Rolling 60 Day reporting Period with Monthly Net Profit, Max Draw Down and Percentage Profitable as Key Data Points that Allow xBrat To continually optimize to stay in good profitable windows across both Auto Traders

What Our Members Say!

Margaret, USA

The xBrat Auto traders are very prosperous! In the ten years that I have been trading futures, I finally had a positive year, 2021! Thanks to the auto traders! There were days when I had losses, the auto trades would activate and turn my day into a nice gain!
There were very few days the auto traders were losers but very small losses. If I only l just let my auto traders trade, my account would be considerably larger!
Paul also offers outstanding technical support through Team Viewer. They installed and activate all my auto traders. Being low tech, I know just enough to know that my auto traders are working.

I highly recommend the auto traders! You cannot loose because it’s a money maker. You too will love it! Margaret Piershale

Tom, Canada

A piece of automated trading software like this either works or it doesn't. I've been using the ES, NQ and MCL autotraders for around 3 months and all I can say is: it works! I've more than made my money back on the initial investment, as I paid for 1 Year in advance, and am now starting to withdraw funds from the proceeds. What higher praise is there than that?

Brian, USA

I became introduced to xBRAT ALGO Autotrader in February 2021 and have since enjoyed positive month over month results. The XBRAT ALGO removes any chance I intervene and deviate from the trade plan. All that is required, is to make sure the program is running. The Algo finds the entry, stop, exit and I measure the profits. When I first used the Algo on MES and MNQ, I cued orders for only two contracts. With continued success month over month, I have gradually increased the number of contracts traded. After years of trading futures, this is the first time I have enjoyed four months of solid, positive returns

"Our Auto Traders Simply Stick to The Rules!"

In trading, like in life, we try to make processes easier and more automated so that we can concentrate on the important things! A trading Algorithm is designed to take a complex set of rules, complex formulas and combine them with mathematical models and human oversight to make decisions that traders may take too long to complete.

In recent years, new technology coupled with very clever coders have allowed us to make complicated trading strategies, look really simple and understandable on charts and NOW, with machine learning we have started to turn our successful xBrat Trading Indicators into Auto Traders!

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